Sunday, February 16, 2014

McCalls 6785 cowl neck top for girls

I'm on a cowl neck sewathon! As I mentioned in this Renfrew review and this second one, I adore cowl neck tops. And I've converted one of my daughters to the cowl neck way. Just one more little daughter to go...

When I was wearing one of my Renfrew cowl neck tops the other day, my middle daughter commented about how much she really liked it. I remembered that I had a pattern for her size with a cowl neck option and offered to sew her one, especially since she's in need of some long sleeve tops for this very cold winter. She was so excited to pick out fabric from my stash for new tops!

First up was a sky blue interlock knit from I only remember that because the packing slip was right near the fabric in my bin, lol. It's a smooth and soft fabric that has a nice feel and weight to it. If there is enough leftover, I'm going to use it for a short sleeve top for myself.

I cut out view C, childrens size 10. Instead of making it dress length as it's intended, I shortened it quite a bit to be a regular shirt length. From the lengthen or shorten line on the front and back neck pattern pieces, I cut 3 1/2" longer than that line. The sleeves were a close call. I had only enough length to flip the edge over about 1/3 of an inch to hem them. Yikes! Hoping this fabric won't shrink any further. (*And after my daughter wore it for the first time, she asked me to shorten it to 3/4 length because she felt like the full length sleeves weren't long enough for her when she raises her hand in class. Silly girl, lol. So she'd prefer a shorter length that looks shorter on purpose).

This top was SO EASY to make. And the cowl construction was even easier than the cowl on the Renfrew top because this cowl consists of only 1 piece instead of 2. I may have to try and alter my Renfrew cowl pattern pieces to be constructed the same way. The only thing about this pattern I'd skip is the neckline stitching. The pattern has you stitch around the neckline to hold the seam down but I found that it lies flat without that stitching anyway.

Last step was finishing the sleeves and bottom with a narrow coverstitch. Easy-peasy. Babylock Evolution, how I adore you!

So the verdict? - my daughter loved it! So then I went ahead and made version 2.

This top was sewn with dusty teal blue velour, also from that same order from It's such soft, velvety material, but turned out to not like my iron. I've never sewn before with velour and none of my ironing experiments yielded good results. They all kept the iron marks so I just opted to not iron any of my seams or hems. It's a knit top so I figured it would probably be just fine and so far it has.

The things I changed for this version was added about 3/4 of an inch to the sleeve length and I skipped the neckline stitching.  And it turns out that velour is very popular with the 4th grade crowd. My daughter came home and said she received about a dozen complements and several kids asked her where she got her top. She said she was excited to tell them her mom made it. That sure made my day! :)

Both tops were hemmed with a narrow coverstitch.


Beth said...

I love your daughters tops. I'll have to look for velour fabric to make my youngest some pants-- she hate anything that is too tight or clingy.

HeathersSphere said...

Your daughter is very adorable and stylish and growing up quickly! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to try this pattern (purchased recently). Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

Vanessa said...

How nice!! I love both tops you made for your daughter. I can't wait until the day I am whippin' out tops like that on my machine.

Annie Case Hanks said...

How precious! Like a mini-Renfew -- they look stylish.

Joy said...

So pretty and elegant!



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