Saturday, February 22, 2014

Honey Cowl aka infinity scarf

Though I didn't just finishing knitting the Honey Cowl, I finally got around to getting it photographed. Only 5 months later...

I used to wait and wait until I could align having a photographer around (my hubby or 14 year old son, or when desperate one of my young daughters paired next to the tripod) with remembering to put on whatever I had finished knitting or sewing while there was still daylight. Those stars did not always align well! I finally got a clue and purchased a wireless remote for my camera to do the photo work myself. This blog might finally have a chance of staying updated now that I've discovered and learned how to use that wonderful little remote.

Please excuse the drab brown lawn and landscape in the background. That's what winter looks like most of the year here in easter Washington state. Not much snow which is how I like it, but we do get quite a case of the blah browns for a while along with cold temperatures.

On to the cowl details. The Honey Cowl appears to be wildly popular at At least that's my guess judging by the 15,000 times it has been knitted and posted there. Yes, fifteen THOUSAND times. Wowza!

I can understand why it's so popular now that I've knitted it though. It's a very fast pattern to grasp and knit. Also, it's simple enough that I was able to knit it while watching tv and in the car and it only took me about 4 days of occasional knitting. It's easy to customize and make wider or narrower, longer or shorter. For this version, I cast on 160 stitches and then knit it as wide as I could until my yarn ran out.

The Debbie Bliss Rialto DK yarn I made this with is so luxuriously soft that I wish I had more. And even though it's not the most exciting color I chose, I think it will be a good neutral to combine with a lot of outfits and different coats or jackets. 

It's not quite long enough though to wear comfortably twice around my neck. In the above photo I was feeling quite choked by the cowl. The next time around I'll cast on more stitches and perhaps go up a size of needles to get a looser gauge. But overall, I really enjoyed knitting it and I'm positive I'll use the pattern again.


Vanessa said...

Such a cute scarf! It's been ages since I knitted anything. I wanted to make baby booties for my friend who just adopted, but I had to give up on it--there are still a lot of abbreviations/techniques I have to learn. Anyhow, your scarf looks great!

Beth said...

Looks lovely and cozy. I knitted one a while back in an Alpaca blend and it is my favorite cowl. Sadly, I haven't been able to find it this winter. :( Watch, I will find it in the middle of summer.

sewingbattles said...

LOVE!! I was one of the 15,000 knitters of that lovely cowl. I love the yarn you chose - mine is very similar in color but made with alpaca.



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