Tuesday, January 7, 2014

pink batik baby quilt

First finished project of the year! It wasn't completely a 2014 project as you know. It was pieced in 2013 and quilted and bound in 2014 so I'm not counting it toward my 6-quilt-goal. But I'm so happy to have finished something this year already!

I'm now feeling very ready to move onto a clothing project. With the challenge of the RTW fast, I'm itching with excitement to sew myself something to wear!

But before I do, here is my quilting report :)

This little quilt measures 44 1/2 inches squared. It will go into my gift bin for a future baby shower gift. It is a simple mix of 6 different pink batik prints, surrounded by white sashing. It seemed too plain once the top was finished so I cut out large yellow flowers to applique on the top that mimic the flower shape in one of the pink fabrics. The colors are pretty close to the above photo (and NOT the hot pink shot below).

 I used fusible webbing to iron on the yellow flowers and then satin stitched around each petal. One thing I'll have to think about in the future is doing something (double layer or fabric?) to prevent fabrics underneath from showing through like the white sashing is through the yellow petals. Suggestions, anyone?

I didn't take a photograph when the flowers were plain but since the white sashing was glaring at me and the flowers were so big, I just felt like they needed something more so I free motion quilted basic stippling and a simple center design on the flowers.

Next up was quilting the body with pink-to-yellow varigated thread in a swirled hook design (thank you Free Motion Quilting by Angela Walters for the idea) that I recently used for the first time on a Christmas quilt. It was fun to try it again and I felt like my spacing had improved from my first time (I'll post that other quilt soon). 

Straight lines of quilting with the walking foot finished off the border. That was a first for me to do a simple straight design. 

I like to sew on my binding with the double fold binding method I learned from an Alex Anderson quilting book - machine sewn on one side and hand sewn to the back to finish. And for any of you quilters out there - let me tell you that I recently discovered these Clover Wonder Clips and they are so much better than quilting clips or the barrettes or pins I've used in the past. After buying them off Amazon, I saw them at my local quilt store for over twice the price! yikes!

Let me tell you that it's a miracle the binding ever got finished on this quilt. Kipper the cat had a sixth sense and knew whenever I sat down to work so that he could jump on my lap (and on the quilt!) for naptime. 

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