Sunday, January 12, 2014

my fabric stash

A couple of months ago I felt like fabric was falling out of the cupboard in my sewing room every time I opened the door, or off the shelves I was trying to cram it onto. My tendency to purchase far too much along with my mother's recent fabric purging (she gave me boxes and boxes of quilting fabric during the last year just about every time we visited) made for way too much fabric around here.

I took stock of everything I had for quilting or garment sewing and realized I wouldn't make a dent in it at all in a year even if I made a quilt and a piece of clothing weekly. I purged everything I really didn't like and ended up with about 50 pounds of fabric to get rid of! I was curious and weighed it at one point near the end of the purge, which is how I know that, lol.

I didn't have it in me to post it on Craigslist or wait for a summer yard sale. So I called an acquaintance that I heard started a long arm quilting business and I offered it in trade for the use of her long arm this year on a couple of quilts. She agreed and loved the bags and bags of fabric I gave her and I was happy to get to try long arm quilting this year!

Now that I've signed up for the RTW fast and a 6 month fabric fast, I looked through the fabric again and I'm feeling confident that I have a large assortment of fabric to choose from. I snapped some pics to record where I am right now and am hoping to have much emptier shelves and bins at the end of the year.

This is the bottom half of the sewing cupboard in my little studio/office. It's about 2 feet deep and stuffed full. Usually this is only for quilting fabric, but when I purged a ton I fit in some batting and some pink minky for upcoming projects. Above the quilting fabric are eight baskets (4 per shelf) that hold cotton quilting scraps.

The top half of the cupboard holds 6 black baskets of coordinated quilting fabric and yes, some crammed in random patterns. Above that are folds of flannel and then muslin and white cotton. Up top are a couple of bins of scraps and an I Spy bags project bin.

Out in my garage are large bins. The stack in the middle and on the right are all garment fabric with some minky thrown in. The bins on the left are two of my yarn bins and and bin of shirts waiting for tie dye.

Can't wait to see the empty spots by the end of the year!

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Joy said...

Good luck on your purge/pledge! I'm not sure how to determine what the "right" amount of stash fabric is, but I suppose not being embarrassed by its size would be a good goal (I'm talking about me here, hehe).



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