Thursday, January 23, 2014

blue ribbon winner!

I came across these photos of one of my county fair entries this week and wanted to tell you about my surprising win.

A few years ago, our family started entering a few things each into the county fair for fun. My son entered some of his Cub Scout crafts a few years ago, my husband enters his favorite photos each year, I occcasionally like to enter knitting, sewing, and quilting projects but mostly I enter jars of my canning. And this year my daughters entered sewing and crafts for the first time.

Because 2013 was not a prolific sewing year for me, I only entered a few things. I hesitated to even enter this dress because honestly I don't love it and I do not think it's a reflection of my best work. But it turned out fine and I wear it occasionally. It was the only dress I made for myself all year so I decided to throw it in with my entries.

All of my sewing, knitting, and quilting projects received blue ribbons which makes me happy! However, don't be too impressed. Our small, rural county doesn't get a huge amount of entries in these categories (more in quilting than the other categories) and they also judge with what I think is called the Swedish system of judging. It's basically a system where anyone that meets criteria for a blue ribbon, gets one, even if every entry qualifies. Personally, I like a judging system like that because it means I have a better chance of getting a blue ribbon (and the small cash award that goes with it). I always did prefer those classes in school where everyone can get an A versus those classes graded on the bell curve! :)

Anyway, along with getting a blue (1st place), red (2nd), white (3rd) or yellow (participant) ribbon, entries can qualify for a few other types of ribbons that recognize top winners. Amazingly, I received both a Best of Show ribbon and a Best of Section ribbon for this dress. I had to ask the judges when I picked up my entries what that meant for sewing. They told me that one was for being the top rated item in it's section (all of dresses I think) and the other was because it was one of the very top sewing items of all entries and that they were particularly impressed with my garment finishing. What, seriously?!!

I was very surprised by that because I'm by no means a super advanced sewer. More like intermediate but I do like to have a tidy garment on the outside as well as the inside. The bodice was lined and I used a serger to finish all my seams, as well as some hand sewing for part of my zipper insertion and I guess they liked all of that. Thank you Grant County judges!


Dorothy DotDot said...


Annie said...

I love the fabric and the dress is a winner. Congrats :)

Joy said...

Congratulations! I think sometimes when you see how much your have to learn (couture sewing?), you forget how far you've come!

Nikki said...

That's so awesome! And it is a super cute dress.



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