Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 project plan

Along with joining the RTW fast for the year, I've set a few goals I'd like to accomplish throughout the year. They aren't all super specific but are a general idea of what things I want to create.

*Join the RTW fast and make any new clothes I want or need during 2014, with the exception of shoes, socks and underwear.

*Sew at least one garment for each of my three children.  I usually make far more clothes for my girls than myself so this year I'm changing that. I do want to make my kids something nice so I'm thinking about Easter dresses for my girls and a coordinating tie for my son.

*Sew one garment a month for myself using stash fabric.  Right now I'm contemplating these:

1. Knit maxi skirt (Kwik Sew 3513) *completed 1/15/14
2. Charcoal colored denim jacket (Butterick 5615 or Islander Jacket Express 218 from Craftsy Sew Better, Sew Faster class)
3. Pleated knit cardigan (Jalie 2919)
4. Design and sew A-line skirt (Craftsy class)
5. Classic tailored shirt (Craftsy class using Kwik Sew 555 or McCalls 5630 or McCalls 6436)
6. Cowl neck long sleeve top (Simplicity #3568 or Sewaholic Renfrew #1201) *completed 2/2/14
7. Shirt dress (Simplicity 2246)
8. Peplum blouse (Simplicity 1872)
9. Woven tunic with pintucks (Simplicity 2365)
10. Come up with a tried and true (TNT) knit top (starting with Jalie 2806)
11. Pants or capris (Butterick 5682 or Simplicity 2680)
12. Knit wrap dress (New Look 6097)

*Make at least 6 new quilts. Ideas:
    1. small quilt for entryway wall or table
    2. table runner for dining room table
    3. lap quilt for friend's wedding gift
    4. lap quilt for living room
    5. twin bed quilt for youngest daughter's birthday
    6. lap quilt for friend's special birthday

*Use only stash fabric for quilts and only buy fabric if I absolutely need some for a quilt back.
*Sandwich and quilt the three tops I already have finished.

*Knit at least 6 new items. At least one should be a wearable cardigan for myself.
*Use only stash yarn. No exceptions.
*Finish tan shawl (*completed 2/22/14), gray cardigan, and baby hat I started in 2013.

*Turn road trip 2008 into a photobook or scrapbook.
*Turn Hawaii reunion 2009 into a photobook or scrapbook.
*Turn spring break 2012 into a photobook or scrapbook.
*Turn spring break 2013 into a photobook or scrapbook.
*Take Craftsy painting class.
*Make Christmas ornaments for extended family and close friends.

Okay, now that it's all typed out I'm feeling like it's a really big list! I suppose it's better to aim big and fall a little short if life gets crazy rather than aim small and accomplish little. Hoping to aim big and accomplish a lot in 2014 though!

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Sarah Liz said...

Hi Leslie - that is quite a list - I've just had my first disaster for the year, so I hope you have better luck than me when you start on your list :)



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